June 11, 2019

I got into the field of sport and performance psychology with the ambition of bettering the lives of young people involved in sport. My passion for working with kids stemmed from my own experiences as a young athlete, and working with various youth development programs...

January 5, 2017

I am notoriously bad at relaxing. Ask my husband, he will tell you. I blame it on years and years of go-go-go. Starting from a young age, I was up every morning at 4am to go to practice in a cold and lonely ice rink. I still remember getting dressed for practice the ni...

January 2, 2017

Whether it is a new year’s resolution or a bucket list goal, you may have been told to “dream big” or “think positive” to make what you want out of life happen, but that is often not enough to turn those dreams to reality. Gabrielle Oettingen's WOOP model – or Wish, Ou...

December 20, 2016

While most people believe all stress is bad and will eventually kill them by causing illness or disease, it turns out that how you think about stress - or your stress mindset - greatly influences whether the stress response impacts you positively or negatively. People...

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