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We all want to do better in all parts of our lives: As parents, as professionals, as performers, and as people. At Perform Positive, we believe that there is an innate potential in each of us for achieving greatness. What we do is help individuals, groups, and organizations to acquire the tools and learn the skills required to unlock that the potential for achievement, growth, and well-being. It's not enough to just acquire the tools and skills - they have to be practiced regularly and intentionally integrated.

Our approaches are based in decades of scientific research in the fields of sport, exercise, performance, and positive psychology. Whether you want to bring your best self to the field, on the stage, in the boardroom, and to your relationships, or you just want to learn how to experience a greater sense of well-being, we can provide you with evidence-based tools to get you there.


Gloria Park, PhD, MAPP, CMPC

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Perform Positive is a Pennsylvania-based sport, performance, and positive psychology consulting business. Our team is dedicated to helping athletes and individuals reach their full potential through mental skills training, resilience, and performance coaching. Let us help you achieve your goals.

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