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Organizational Psychology

So many of us spend many hours of our lives at a workplace. What can we do to create and shape workplaces that enable optimal performance and thriving? Organizational Psychology applies psychological principles and research and evaluation methods to improve the overall work environment, worker productivity and satisfaction, and procedures and processes that increase the impact that organizations want to make in the world through the application of behavioral science. Here are some of the principles that drive our work in this area.

Image by Christian Battaglia

People First

Organizational efforts to optimize performance often overlook that their greatest assets are their people. Human-centered approaches applied to organizations and workplaces can have far-reaching implications for increasing employee engagement, reducing burnout, and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

Impact Matters

What is the impact your organization wants to make in the world? How do you measure what that is? How do you innovate so that you are making an increasingly bigger impact more efficiently? How can you make better use of your resources to maximize ROI? These are some of the key quesitons we can help you ask - and answer.

Image by Sonika Agarwal

Systems Approach

Change doesn't happen easily, and when it does, it requires a systemic approach to sustain and maintain. We can help co-design multi-level intervention approaches that help ignite the change process and fuel ongoing evolution through individual, group, and institutional processes.

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